Countering Biblical Contradictions

by Bumbulis, Smith, and White

Note: This list of contradictions and responses was originally posted to a public mailing list/newsgroup. The responses were written by Bumbulis, R. Smith, and MaryAnna White (not by me). The list was later converted to HTML format by Andrew Tong His site was down for a while and was assumed to be out of commission by several folks (including me), so I took the liberty of hosting it here. Since I've already made the effort, and have now cleaned up many typos and broken/incorrect links, I figured I'd leave this version here.

See also Rational Christianity's own list of resolved contradictions.

1. God is satisfied/unsatisfied with his works
2. God dwells/dwells not in chosen temples
3. God dwells in light/darkness
4. God is seen/unseen and heard/unheard
5. God is tired/never tired and rests/never rests
6. God is/is not omnipresent and omniscent
7. God does/does not know the hearts of men
8. God is/is not all powerful
9. God is changeable/unchangeable
10. God is just/unjust or partial/impartial
11. God is/is not the author of evil
12. God gives freely/witholds his blessings
13. God can/cannot be found by those who seek Him
14. God is warlike/peaceful
15. God is cruel/kind
16. God's anger endures for a long/short time
17. God approves/disapproves of burnt offerings
18. God accepts/forbids human sacrifices
19. God tempts man/doesn't tempt man
20. God send lying spirits/doesn't lie
21. God will/will not destroy man.
22. God's attributes are revealed/cannot be discovered
23. God is one/many
24. Robbery commanded/prohibited
25. Lying approved/forbidden
26. Hatred to the Edomite sanctioned/forbidden
27. Killing commanded/forbidden
28. Blood-shedder must/must not die
29. Making of images forbidden/commanded
30. Slavery and oppression forbidden/sanctioned
31. Improvidence enjoyed/condemned
32. Anger approved/disapproved
33. Good works to be seen/not to be seen by men
34. Judging of others forbidden/approved
35. Christ taught nonresistence/taught and practiced physical resistance
36. Christ warned his followers not to fear being killed/Christ avoided Jews for fear of being killed himself
37. Public prayer sanctioned/disapproved
38. Importunity in prayer commended/condemned
39. Wearing of long hair by men sanctioned/condemned
40. Circumcision instituted/condemed
41. Sabbath instituted/repudiated
42. Sabbath instituted because God rested/because God brought Israelites out of Egypt
43. No work to be done on Sabbath/Christ broke this rule
44. Baptism commanded/not commanded
45. Every animal allowed for food/certain animals prohibited for food
46. Taking of oaths sanctioned/forbidden
47. Marriage approved/disapproved
48. Feedom of divorce permitted/restricted
49. Adultery forbidden/allowed
50. Marriage/cohabitation with sister denounced, but Abraham married his sister and God blessed the marriage
51. A man may/may not marry his brother's widow
52. Hatred to kindred enjoined/condemned
53. Intoxicating beverages recommended/discountenanced
54. Our rulers are God's ministers and should be obeyed/are evil and should be disobeyed
55. Women's rights affirmed/denied
56. Obedience to masters/obedience only to God
57. There is/is not an unpardonable sin
58. Man was created before/after other animals
59. Seed time and harvest never ceased/ceased for seven years
60. God/Pharaoh hardened Pharaoh's heart
61. All Cattle and horses died/all cattle and horses did not die.
62. Moses feared/did not fear Pharaoh
63. Plague killed 23000/24000
64. John the Baptist was/was not Elias
65. Father of Mary's husband was Jacob/Heli
66. Father of Salah was Arphaxad/Cainan
67. Thirteen/Fourteen generations from Abraham to David
68. Thirteen/Fourteen generations from Babilonish captivity to Christ
69. Infant Christ was/was not taken to Egypt
70. Christ was/was not tempted in the wilderness
71. Christ preached his first sermon on the mount/on the plain
72. John was/was not in prison when Jesus went to Galilee
73. Christ's disciples were commanded to go forth with a staff and sandles/neither staves nor sandles
74. A woman of Caanan/Greek woman sought Jesus
75. Two/one blind men/man besought Jesus
76. Christ was crucified on the third/sixth hour
77. Two theives/only one thief railed at Christ
78. Satan entered Judas at the supper/after the supper
79. Judas committed suicide by hanging/died another way
80. Potter's field purchased by Judas/by the Chief Priest
81. Only one woman/two women went to the sepulchre
82. Three women/more than three women went to the sepulchre
83. It was early sunrise/sometime after sunrise when they went to the sepulchre.
84. Two angels standing/only one angel sitting seen by women
85. Two angels/one angel seen at the sepulchre
86. Christ was to be three days and three nights in the tomb/only two days and two nights
87. Holy ghost bestowed at/before pentecost
88. Disciples commanded immediately after resurrection to go into Galilee/tarry at Jerusalem
89. Jesus first appeared to disciples in a room in Jerusalem/on a mountain in Galilee.
90. Christ ascended from Mount Olive/Bethany
91. Paul's attendants heard/did not hear the miraculous voice.
92. Abraham departed to go to Canaan/did not know where he was going.
93. Abraham had one/two sons.
94. Keturah was Abraham's wife/concubine.
95. Abraham begat a son at the age of 100 years by God's providence/he then had six more sons without God's help.
96. Jacob/Abraham brought the sepulchre from Hamor.
97. God gave Abraham and his sons the promised land/they never received it.
98. Goliath/his brother was slain by Elhanan.
99. Ahaziah began his reign in the eleventh/twelfth year of Joram.
100. Michal had five children/one child
101. David was tempted by the LORD/by satan to number Israel
102. Number of fighting men in Israel was 800,000/1,100,000, number of fighting men in Judah was 500,000/470,000.
103. David sinned in numbering Israel/David never sinned except in the matter of Uriah
104. One of David's penalties for sinning was seven years of famine/there were only three years of famine.
105. David took 700/7000 horsemen.
106. David bought a threshing floor for 50 sheckles of silver/600 shekles of gold.
107. David's throne was to endure forever/David's throne was cast down.
108. Christ is equal/is not equal with God
109. Jesus was/was not all-powerful
110. The law was/was not superceded by Christian dispensation.
111. Christ's mission was/was not peace.
112. Christ did not/did receive testimony from men.
113. Christ's witness of himself is true/untrue
114. Christ laid down his life for his friends/enemies
115. It was/was not lawful for the Jews to put Christ to death.
116. Children are/are not punished for the sins of their parents.
117. Man is/is not justified by faith alone.
118. It is impossible/possible to fall from grace.
119. No man is without sin/Christians are sinless.
120. There will/will not be a resurrection of the dead.
121. Reward/punishment bestowed in this/next world.
122. Annihilation/endless misery the portion of all mankind.
123. Earth is/is never to be destroyed
124. No evil shall/Evil will happen to the Godly
125. Worldly good and prosperity/worldly misery and destitution to be the lot of the godly
126. Worldly prosperity a reward/a curse
127. Christian yoke is/is not easy
128. Fruit of God's spirit is love and gentleness/vengence and fury
129. Longevity enjoyed by/denied to wicked
130. Poverty/Riches/Neither a blessing
131. Wisdom a source of enjoyment/vexation, grief, sorrow.
132. Good name is a blessing/curse
133. Laughter commended/condemned
134. Rod of correction is cure for foolishness/there is no cure for foolishness.
135. Fool should/should not be answered according to his folly.
136. Temptation desired/undesired
137. Prophecy is sure/unsure
138. Man's life 120/70 years
139. Fear of man on every beast/fear of man not on the lion.
140. Miracles are/are not proof of divine inspiration.
141. Moses meek/cruel
142. Elijah ascended to heaven/none but Christ ascended to Heaven
143. All scripture is inspired/Some scripture is not inspired