Who created God?

Something can't come from nothing, so how did God come into being?

"Something can't come from nothing" and "Every effect has a cause" are laws derived from our observations of the natural world. God is the sole exception to these laws because he is a supernatural being instead of a natural one: he is invisible and immaterial,1 and his existence does not depend on, nor is it tied to, the existence of our physical world.2 What holds true of the natural and material does not necessarily hold true of the supernatural and immaterial (and vice versa).

Furthermore, the rule "Every effect has a cause" is in reality "Every effect but the first of all effects has a cause," for there cannot be an infinite regress of causes. There must have been a first, uncaused cause which started the chain of events that resulted in the present state of the universe. Since we observe that things in the physical universe don't pop into existence of their own accord, it makes more sense to posit that the first cause is an entity like God who is not bound by the physical universe and its laws. (For more on this, see The Uncaused Cause.)


1. 1 Tim 1:17, John 4:24 (Back to article)
2. Acts 17:24-25 (Back to article)

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