Reasons to Believe

Reasons to believe
Exploring Christianity
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Reasons to believe

Historical Evidence for Christianity
Includes an article on extra-biblical references to Jesus
The Uncaused Cause
Argument for believing the universe had a cause, also known as the kalam cosmological argument.
The Impossible Faith by J.P. Holding (offsite)
Describes the obstacles that would have prevented Christianity from surviving if it were not true
An Argument for the Faith by Glenn Miller (offsite)
In Glenn's words, "a slow-paced, low-key argument for the faith" that outlines his own reasons for belief

Fulfilled prophecies in the Bible (offsite) - including prophecies fulfilled in post-Biblical times

Exploring Christianity

Why investigate Christianity?
The Four Spiritual Laws, explained for skeptics
Outline of the basic message of Christianity.
Do atheists need God?
What distinguishes Christianity from other monotheistic religions?
Becoming a Christian
How to become a Christian and what to do next.

Other articles

Scripture for Skeptics: Lesser-Known Verses
Workfare, Justice For the Poor and Other Overlooked Mosaic Laws

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